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What Not to do For a Showing

Well, people never fail to make me laugh. Even the brightest, most successful people can do the silliest things. I’m not immune; I make mistakes all the time. We all do. But I’d like to take a moment to laugh about what you should never do when you are selling your house and expecting strangers for a showing.

  • Please don’t leave a candle burning. We all want it to smell like mom’s homemade apple pie, but a burning candle could result in a fire. And then we are all bummed out.
    burning candle

    Not a great idea.

  • Please don’t leave your unmentionables on the bathroom floor. We don’t want to see them nicely folded in the laundry basket, let alone by the walk-in shower that is a selling point for the house!
  • Please don’t leave empty beer bottles on the counter. You may have good taste in craft beer, but please put them in the recycling container outside.
  • Please don’t leave your bills open on your desk. Yes, buyers are curious about the cost of electricity and water, but that’s awkward.
  • Visiting your parents house

    Let’s hide these.

  • Please don’t assume we want a snack. You are probably a wonderful host or hostess, but we’re just not sure what that dip is and how long it’s been out. And the treats look delicious, but our guests may have allergies.
  • Please don’t put out reading material everywhere. We won’t have a chance to read. Especially file it away if it’s the kind with mostly pictures (if you know what I mean)!

Just watching out for you! Just tidy up and have the lockbox ready – I will happily do the rest.

Please let me know if anyone you know is looking for a real estate agent. I sincerely appreciate your referrals.

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