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Lifelong Friendships

It’s back to school season. It has a different meaning to me now, but I can vividly remember the feeling. The new shoes, the school supplies shopping, the eager feeling of finding out teachers; it really is a special time of year.


Lifelong Friends

But the one thing that always added a twinge of angst was when my kids wondered which friends were going to be in the same class. Will their best friend be across the hall or across the room? Will I like the kids in my reading group? Who will I sit next to at lunch? I will DIE if we are in different classes!!

Sometimes young friendships are for convenience. Their desk is next to you; you’re on the same team; your parents are friends. But sometimes a new friendship is the seed of a lifelong relationship that nourishes you as a person. They get you and you get them.

I have seen the arc of friendships from a new perspective as a parent. Watching the friend selection process, the bonding moments, the tough days and the simple exchanges. But especially in a small community like ours, lifelong friendships happen pretty naturally. There are fewer people, but you literally grow up together.

As we get closer to my daughter’s wedding, I look at the guest list and smile about people who are coming that I remember being eight years old. They are bringing a spouse? They own a home? They can actually drive themselves to the ceremony?

Lifelong friendships are an exceptional part of the human experience. When you tell that inside joke or play that song or laugh about your poor decisions at a vulnerable age, you actually have something extraordinary!

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