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The Dog Days of Summer


Now that we’re deep into summer, the afternoon storms have arrived. They’re a mixed blessing. Grand County, including the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Arapaho National Forest, is currently under a fire restriction. This means no open fires, although gas fueled appliances that can be shut-off are allowed. Given that, a good dose of rain every few days to keep the vegetation damp is a positive. But, what to do while it’s nasty outside?

First thing: if there is lightning, get inside! Colorado has the third most lightning-strike fatalities. And don’t wait for the rain to get your butts moving. Due to our low humidity, thunderstorms can develop but the rain evaporates before it gets to the ground, called “dry thunderstorms.” Okay, enough with the mothering.

You’re obviously smart enough not to stand on the green with a metal golf club in your hand, so what is there to do in Grand Lake until the storm passes?

  • Shop Grand Lake. Almost all of our shops have a covered walkway so you’ll stay dry, except for that mad dash to the next block.
  • Grab a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone. There may be more ice cream shops than moose in Grand Lake. And I’ve never heard of rule that states you can’t eat ice cream in the rain.
  • Kauffman House Museum. Get a glimpse of what is was like to live in Grand Lake pre-1900. The great volunteers who work there just love to share their knowledge.
  • Get a Massage. We have numerous masseuses in Town. Just think, your shoulders could be ache-free by the time the sun comes out.
  • Start Happy Hour a Little Early. While waiting it out, there are worse things than an ice cold beer or salty margarita at one of the many restaurants and bars in Town.
  • Take a Nap. Go ahead, indulge yourself. You deserve it after all that outdoorsy stuff you’ve been doing non-stop since you’ve gotten to Grand Lake.