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The Dog Days of Summer

Now that we’re deep into summer, the afternoon storms have arrived. They’re a mixed blessing. Grand County, including the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Arapaho National Forest, is currently under a fire restriction. This means no...

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Stalk Market Flowers

The many reasons to love Grand County!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, isn’t it? Well even if you aren’t the most romantic person, there are many things to love about mountain living. Especially in Grand County. The Valentine Day holiday compelled me to compi...

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Horses Conoco

Small Town – Cue the Music!

It was 30 years ago that the song Small Town by John Mellencamp came out. The song is still catchy and a favorite of people across America in towns of all sizes. While people like to dissect songs and lyrics in different ways, but it’s pr...

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Lifelong Friendships

It’s back to school season. It has a different meaning to me now, but I can vividly remember the feeling. The new shoes, the school supplies shopping, the eager feeling of finding out teachers; it really is a special time of year. But ...

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Visiting your parents house

What Not to do For a Showing

Well, people never fail to make me laugh. Even the brightest, most successful people can do the silliest things. I’m not immune; I make mistakes all the time. We all do. But I’d like to take a moment to laugh about what you should never do ...

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Charlie Adriane Ponchos

Steel Magnolias

I love the movie Steel Magnolias. I find it to be funny, sweet, sentimental and relatable. I love the small town and the local gossip and the genuine friendships. One thing I’ve noticed is that I can relate to a different character each t...

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